DieselTRONIC (Dual Channel) Hyundai Creta

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  • Remote Control
  • Plug & Play
  • Water Resistant
  • Fuel and Turbo Control

Compatible With: Hyundai Creta

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The DieselTRONIC is a performance and economy enhancing engine control unit (ECU) conventionally referred as Diesel Tuning Box for vehicles that are powered by common rail diesel (CRDI) engines.

Manufactured with automotive grade electronics, backed with patented technologies and advanced enhancements such as ADSL (Adaptive-Self Learning) that understands the driving style and adapts the maps to enhance and deliver just what you need, complemented with the options of 4 different maps that are switchable by remote-control on the fly, it is a system that stands apart from everything else.

The Dual Channel unit controls your turbo boost in addition to fuelling ensuring that the engine delivers optimum performace dynamically.

  • S Stock map Mode- works just like original E Economy map- Increases mileage up to 40%, enhanced engine smoothness and reduced turbo spike, more linear power delivery
  • P1 Mode: Power & Increased Mileage- It increases mileage up to 25% and increases power and torque up to 15% helping you shift gears early
  • P2 Mode: Higher Power- Increase power and torque off-peak up to 40%, peak up to 30%
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