Man Essentials Shave Daddy Series Gunmetal Grey

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Twist-to-Open Butterfly Open Head Design

Anti-corrosion material, durable

Material: Zinc Alloy

Height: 94.85 mm, Width: 44.14 mm

Colour: Gunmetal Grey

Weight: About 69.4 g

Allowed Characters: A-Z and a-z, 0-9, _(underscore) and spaces only

Please Note:

Only English ALPHABETS can be engraved
In case engraving is not required, please don't fill the above box and leave it blank
Maxiumum of 8 Characters can be Engraved on the Razor
Engraving of the text entered in the above text box would be done on the top of the Razor only

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Product Disclaimer

Razors cannot be returned or exchanged due to sanitary reasons

Change of Razor Model (Colour) is not possible once Order is placed

Additional Details

Always hold the Safety Razor at about a 30° angle. Use the mirror as a guide and hold the razor’s head against your skin, tilt the handle until the blade just touches your skin. Place it on your jawline below the sideburn. and turn it until it is at about a 30° angle This is usually considered the sweet spot of your shaving angle. Anymore, and the razor may be too aggressive, which will cause nicks and burning. Be easy and let the weight of the razor do the work, don’t apply pressure. Keep your glides short and don’t forget to always shave in the direction your hair is growing

Safety razors’ blades are very sharp and cut your hair at skin-level and don't require effort or force on your part, and unlike multi-blade razors, this design helps prevent tugging, pulling, and cutting beneath the skin all of which causes razor bumps and other irritation. With the right routine and proper technique, a safety razor can give you the clean shave you want without damaging your skin

Hold at 30 degrees

Position at 30° angle

Shave along grains

Shave along the grains

How to Use

Be gentle and let the weight do the work


Twist the bottom of the handle to open the butterfly door mechanism. Hold the new blade along the short edges and place it in the slot provided. Now twist back the bottom to close the butterfly safety door mechanism and the razor is ready to use. Please take caution to not over twist the bottom as this could lead to potential wear of the handles’ threading over long periods of time. After use, to change the blade, twist the bottom and follow the same as above to remove and replace the blade with a new one.

You should always use a new blade for a new shave. Using dull blades can cause tugging, irritation, and razor bumps, among other issues. If you have coarse hair or a thick beard, multiple blade changes may be needed during a single shave.

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