Mobambo Curve Handle Medium Bristles Bamboo Toothbrush

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Mobambo Bamboo Toothbrushes are crafted to take care of your oral hygiene, and with an eye towards saving our environment.

We have 2 beautifully designed handles that can be gripped perfectly, to go about your daily routine of brushing those teeth.

Mobambo toothbrushes have a very light coating of wax. Coupled with the already anti-microbial nature of bamboo, not only are you doing something healthy for your mouth, but ensures you are not harvesting a germ fest on the handle.

Come be a part of a guilt-free oral hygiene and contribute to a plastic free ecosystem. Each of the Mobambo Bamboo Toothbrushes are packed in a Kraft Box that is completely bio-degradable

Available in Soft and Medium bristles
Available in packs of Two's, Three's and Four's

The toothbrush you are viewing on this page is the curve handle medium bristles variant

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Product Disclaimer

Wipe the handle after use

Store in a dry place

Additional Details

Heavy Duty and Long Lasting

Mobambo Toothbrushes are made from premium quality and sustainable Bamboo wood, which is way stronger than normal wood.
The use of premium quality wood along with our strong quality metrics, ensure the wooden handle not blister or start chipping.
You need not worry about splinters in your mouth. Mobambo toothbrushes are water resistant, ensuring long-term use

Guilt-Free and a Confident Smile

Mobambo’s specially designed biodegradable toothbrush, gives you a 100%-natural way to keep your teeth bright and white.
The bristles have been designed to reach to the remotest corners and fight the germs, giving you not just hygiene but also a stronger enamel, and a confident smile

Premium Soft Nylon Bristles

Mobambo’s BPA Free Soft premium quality Nylon Bristles provides just the right care to keep your gums healthy and teeth white.
The bristles made from synthetic Nylon, that is resistant to microbial growth during normal use, to ensure safety and durability. Perfect for Sensitive Gums


Why should we be guilty of contributing more towards the degradation of our fragile surroundings? Mobambo does just that, let’s you practice a guilt free lifestyle.
Except the Nylon Bristles, everything else makes the product completely bio-degradable.
Just pull out the bristles and dispose it in a nearby recycle bin. Mobambo’s all-natural bamboo toothbrushes are sustainable, renewable, and environment-friendly

Eco-Friendly Features of Mobambo Toothbrush
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