Powertronic Suzuki GSX - R600

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PowerTRONIC comes pre-loaded with optimal maps to give you performance right out of the box. Designed to be universally adaptable, the PowerTRONIC ECU plugs in within minutes delivering improved performance through race-engineered control strategies. This level of integration and control allows you to dial in and tweak all the performance parameters of your ride.


Ignition Control

Fuel Calibration

Traction Control

Ext.Rev Limiter

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Suzuki GSX - R600
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Performance has no limits with the PowerTRONIC Plug-in Piggyback ECU. Built on electronics that have fueled over a decade of motorsport victories, PowerTronic marks the beginning of a new era in piggyback engine control. PowerTRONIC plugs-in to your motorcycles Engine Control Unit (ECU) and takes control over how fuel is injected and more importantly – how this fuel is ignited! By calibrating this to a high degree of precision for a particular motorcycle, PowerTRONIC is not only able to extract more power but improve responsiveness, refinement and fuel-efficiency too. What sets PowerTRONIC apart is its universal capability to control ignition systems on nearly any motorcycle – without additional controllers! Fuel and ignition maps are individually optimized for specific motorcycle models enabling PowerTRONIC to truly deliver Plug-in performance

Traction Control

Traction Control: Sensitivity control, attack strength control. PowerTRONIC analyses engine behavior using real-time physics functions to ascertain loss of traction. It then employs lag-less corrective strategy to control torque output to give you a seamless riding experience. Fully Programmable 2D Sensitivity Control Fully Programmalbe 2D Attack Strength Control with Ignition Retard

Fuel Control

Fuel Calibration: Control fuel -90% to +200%.PowerTRONIC controls fuel delivery to your bike’s engine with precise PWM control. Couple that with BIKE SPECIFIC MAPS to ensure that your bike’s juiced up throughout whatever you dare put it through. --> Fuel tables are completely configurable to handle extensive modifications


Ignition Control: +/-25° over stock.PowerTRONIC enhances ignition timing resolution for increased overall gains and transient response. That translates to: --> Increased TORQUE AND POWER characteristics. --> Enhanced THROTTLE RESPONSE


Ext.Rev Limiter: Fully Programmable. PowerTRONIC has the ability to function in STANDALONE TRIGGER MODE to extend the Rev’s beyond the stock ECU’s stratosphere. --> Increased Engine functional range --> Increased Powerband Whether it’s that long flowing corner or for that consistent shift – additional rev’s are good. Take it

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