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Designed For : Carry personal items on the go daily. single strap bag, practice, provides easy access to personal belongings (wallet, phone, etc.). Numerous compartments and front pocket for MP3 fermoarBuzunar strap.


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Age Range : Adult

Capacity : volume: 30 litres

Weight : 670 g

Dimensions : H 49 x W 35 x D 21.

Easy storage : Pockets: 1 inner 3 outer. Pole-carrier. Front mesh.

Easy to transport : Ventilated back and foam-padded straps. Belt. Chest strap. Thumb loops.

Restriction of use : Not waterproof; protect your belongings in case of rain.

Composition : 100% polyester.

How to adjust your backpack. : FIRST LOOSEN all straps (shoulder straps belt load adjuster straps). PUT THE BACKPACK ON. For backpacks with a capacity of 50 L or more PLACE THE HIP BELT CORRECTLY (over the pelvis) and TIGHTEN IT. For smaller backpacks the hip belt should be placed around the waist. TIGHTEN THE SHOULDER STRAPS. Finally ADJUST THE LOAD ADJUSTER STRAPS to suit you.

Backpack technical tests. : Backpack components are approved in laboratory tests including fabric buckles straps foam zips etc. Fabrics are tested for resistance to wear tearing colour-fastness in UV rays washing waterproofing and more. A final test on the finished product simulates the kind of treatment to which it will be subjected over several years to assess the strength of the assembly. The backpack is weighted then placed on a dummy which reproduces fast walking over thousands of cycles.

How to pack a backpack : Put your bedding at the bottom. Put heavy gear (tent camp stove food) near the back. Pack your clothes around these items. The ground sheet can be placed under the flap and the tent beneath the pack if there is no space inside. Keep a rainproof jacket and fleece close at hand. Place small frequently-used items (sunscreen map glasses etc.) in the pockets. If carrying a hydration pack (water bladder) this should be placed in its special pocket along the back.

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Underaman Code 228910043
Price ₹1,499.00
Brand Quechua
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