About Underaman Man Store

Underaman – Well the name says it all. A small undercurrent that is prevalent in every man, “We do not get the exclusive attention the opposite sex attracts.” That is the effort, give a man the attention he deserves. Men don’t ask for it always.

Underaman is an Exclusive Man Store Online that will bring in products that makes a man, a MAN. From grooming to healthcare and clothing to accessories, we will cater to all the products that are targeted at a man and also wanted by a man. There are products that are made particularly for a man but sometimes lost in the chain. We deal with brand authorized resellers only and you could be rest assured of the authenticity of the products. Each and every product go through a thorough Quality Analysis at our warehouse, before shipping out to the end consumers. We have started and only recently and there are a lot of more products and brands that you can look forward for the same. We promise we will not disappoint you men. We cannot promise you huge discounts, but we can definitely assure you that we will work tirelessly to bring in products that you will love.

Journalist Mark Simpson coined the term metro-sexual way back in 1994, only to see it pick up steam and get flogged across presentations and conference rooms through the early 2000s. It referred to men who cared deeply about personal appearances and were not averse to a skin or beauty regimen. Looking good is always an advantage. Like they say, "Be a Roman in Rome." We believe we can help you with that. We are working on consolidating our existing catalogue along with introducing newer categories like music, biking, secret drawers etc. We have only just begun.

We are a very young team motivated by the vision we have for this product. For Underaman, our vision is very clear. We want to start a market place that is going to cater to the needs of a man. Not just that, give him the choice that he is wanting. We believe in perfection and assure you that we will handle your products with the elegance that it deserves. Trust your impulse and make that first buy... Stay in your cave and get all that you ever needed!


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