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An Automotive Research & Development Facility recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India – Race Dynamics is involved with Research, Design, Development, Manufacturing, Sales & Support of automotive and related electronic components. They follow a very unique methodology of product and solution development which involves real-world environments into all aspects of the development programme – ensuring that target requirements are not only exceeded, but also delivered in the shortest time without having to endure frequent iterations in the development cycle. As an extension of our ‘Performance through Innovation’ strategy, they also develop the testing and manufacturing sub-systems for the main products in house, which gives us an unparalleled advantage of not only the product solution but the complete eco-system around it. They have Engine Simulators, Dynamometers, Mass Test & Validations Systems, etc. which were built to test our products, turning out to be complete products themselves !

The DieselTRONIC connects directly to the wiring loom and engine, and takes over certain engine controls ensuring optimum and safe performance from your vehicle

How DieselTRONIC Works?

How DieselTRONIC works?

DieselTRONIC modulates the fuel & boost (in Dual Channel) delivery to an engine, based on an adaptive preprogrammed map on board. It is connected to the Rail Pressure Sensor and Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (in case of vehicles with turbo-boost control capability by the stock ECU) and modifies the signals ensuring THE ENGINE DELIVERS OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE DYNAMICALLY


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Added Features!

Added Features

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